Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Sweet Hollywood

Ah Los Angeles, my sweet, little hometown (ya right huh?)...let me start by saying that I have a long time love affair with LA. I try my hardest to leave it, vying to blame it on the bad qualities of a fame-stricken population, too much smog, and no easy public transportation system. Yet, I inevitably end up back for more. And it proves me wrong each time I return. It must be the beach? No, I can live without one and generally only go during summer months. It must be the great weather? No, it's great but can get boring. It must be the celebrities? That's a big fat NO. Well what is it, you ask?? It's the fact that LA masters the element of surprise in a way that no other city in the world can. Yes, I've lived in cities that have many different subsets and cultures thriving within each one, but LA is different. It is different in the fact, that you can't decide what sub-culture represents what area, and vice versa. For instance, take Villain's Tavern-a wood-crafted, good kind of creepy, moonshine-feeling speakeasy. It is located in Downtown. While it is technically located in the Arts District, which is a phenomenal subset of Downtown LA, it can be a bit dodgy. So my point is that Villain's Tavern is confusing to find, under the 4th street bridge, around the corner, make a right, then another, walk five get my point. But then, out of nowhere, you find it. Walk into this great place, and can't be happier that you drove around for 25 minutes in the general vicinity to find such a gem. Don't you wish life could have that element of surprise everyday? Wake up in the morning, and little do you know there are homemade cinnamon buns that your Grandma stayed up all night to bake, and drove over before you woke up...yeahh that's what it's like. Welcome to the City of Angels my friend...  

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