Friday, March 25, 2011

The Intricacy of the Ordinary

The whole purpose of the title "All The Lives We Could Live" is meant to excite the fact that life is in your own hands, for the most part at least. You can be whomever you want to be, in a minute, in an hour, in 30 years from now. That's what my travel experience has given me--the chance to be someone different. Or completely myself. The reason I chose this title was because of my favorite novel by Colum McCann, Let the Great World Spin. He strikes a cord with his readers by delving into, as he states, the "intricacy of the ordinary"--how people go in and out of each others lives, weaving moments and personal stories daily. The collision of accidental occurrences, whether it be abroad or right in your own hometown.    
Now that I have been living in Brooklyn for almost two months now, I feel exactly who I should be at this moment. Just as I have been letting my own self evolve, as will my writing and this blog. GUYS, big things have been happening recently. I have started writing/working for Brooklyn Based. It is an amazing, local email newsletter that covers life, events, culture, and services of Brooklyn. And today, yes today, is the day when my first published piece is up on their blog site. This doesn't mean I will neglect this blog (if you could just ignore the last few weeks that have gone by perhaps?). I've merely tweaked my purpose for this blog. I want it to be anything and everything that pertains to all the lives we could live. Yes, my travel experiences will still appear because, as I have learned in each place I have traveled, there are many paths to take. They will be posted, but there will be much more, and hopefully I can shine a light on McCann's concept of 'intricacy of the ordinary'.

Stay tuned, but before I post next, check out my Brooklyn Based article. Cheers!  

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